You have a cat at home and you prefer to spend time with it instead of shopping for your pet. Indeed, for its food, it is now possible. Most of us hate going shopping. 

Fighting for parking, dodging shopping carts, and queuing at checkout makes you want to avoid the supermarket and specialty stores altogether. And you are right. Especially since today, the internet includes all pet food stores. So here’s where and how to buy your cat, dog, or reptile food.

The importance of a healthy diet for animals

Your pet’s diet can significantly affect its short and long-term health. A healthy, balanced diet can help your pet improve its quality of life, stay healthy and live longer.

Of course, this process isn’t as simple as buying the first bag of kibble or mash you see at the store and mindlessly bringing it back to a bowl several times a day. Owners, whether beginners or experienced, know that it is difficult to choose the most suitable food for kittens. How do you know what is best for your pet? (online pet stores) which will guide you in your choice.

Each animal has specific food needs

There aren’t really any dietary rules for animals. Each animal has specific needs and preferences. This means that arbitrary nutritional guidelines are not an effective way to measure the quality of your pet’s diet. Although most mammals require the same basic nutrients in their diets, some species have unique ways of acquiring and processing certain essential vitamins and minerals. Indeed, all mammals need vitamin A, but the sources are potentially different. From some plants like carrots and dark green leafy vegetables, some mammals can transform vitamin A into active vitamin A. On the other hand, for cats, vitamin A must be introduced and prepared,

Feeding reptiles or birds

Birds and reptiles share many nutritional commonalities with mammals. They all need calcium and protein in their diet, but they also have other physiological and metabolic differences to consider.

Moreover, species is not the only factor to consider. The right food for your pet will meet general nutrient needs, but it’s also a good way to gain calories and get in shape.

Some pets considered “seniors” may benefit from high-fiber foods. Similarly, an animal susceptible to weight gain may need less calorie-dense food to avoid obesity.

In any case, it is best to consult your veterinarian for a more accurate assessment of your pet’s dietary needs.

Beware of food brand fads

Most owners choose pet food bags that carry the most official seals, such as organic, grain-free, and non-GMO. But before paying dearly for this exclusive and sophisticated brand of food, it is worth making sure it is really worth it. Choosing food based on certain label claims or online reviews is not an effective way to make the most nutritious choice for your pet.

Basically, brands prefer to use terms like “premium” or “veterinarian recommended” on pet food labels in order to grab your attention. However, these terms actually have no practical value in assessing the nutritional content of food and they are not regulated. Products labeled premium or gourmet should not contain any different or better quality ingredients. They are not held to higher nutritional standards than any other complete and balanced product. In other words, all of these terms are just buzzwords. In reality, the label does not contain useful information about the quality of the food. It’s mainly about marketing.