Choosing the right name for your pet is as important as choosing the first name for a child. Because once your dog has learned to recognize himself by his first name, you will not be able to change it afterward.

Here are our tips for finding the right first name to give to your dog and as a bonus accompanied by a small list of top dog names at the moment.

How to choose the name of your dog?

To allow your canine companion to recognize himself when you call him, you must avoid names that are too long. Dogs of any breed actually only hear 2 syllables simultaneously.

Of these two syllables, it is best to choose a strong vowel after using a weak consonant. For example, after the letter “L”, the vowel “A” is an interesting choice unlike the letter “E”. To go further and allow an even better understanding of the first name of your dog, you can also double each sound, as with “Lala” or “Foufou”.

Also, do not give your dog a first name that is too close to the words you will choose for his daily education. He could misinterpret the sounds and confuse his first name with a command.

A point about first names that are too long

You have already been warned that names that have more than two syllables are not really a good idea for your dog to recognize himself. However, if you really want to use one, you can put that name on his papers.

For example, if you want to choose a first name like “Laloutre” you can note it officially on his papers, but you will have to use a diminutive to speak to him, like “Lalou”. So you will have to write as an inscription on his papers: Laloutre dit “Lalou”. Your dog will thus officially have two first names instead of just one.

A first name according to his year of birth

It is common to choose the name of an animal according to its year of birth and this step is even mandatory if you have registered your dog in the LOF (the official studbook). Each year thus corresponds to a different letter of the alphabet and you will have to choose the first name of your dog by composing with the latter.

In retrospect, in 2018 the letter “O” was used, in 2017 the letter “N”, in 2016 the letter “M” and so on. For dogs born in 2019, you guessed it, so it’s the letter “P”.

Here are some examples of names with the letter “P”: Pika, Paris, Polo, Platon, and Pepsi… the list is long and with a little imagination, you can find a unique name for your dog.


A first name according to his temperament

Usually, a dog’s name is chosen based on its sex, size, and temperament. If your dog is of a small breed that can have a nervous temperament, it is, therefore, preferable to opt for a sweet name that will avoid exciting him at its simple pronunciation.

For a breed that is tall and has a longer reaction time, it is best to use a short, punchy first name to address him. The sex of the dog can also bring some nuances into the equation. For a male, we generally use hard-sounding first names, unlike females where we will choose a softer first name.

Bonus: A List of Good Dog Names

It would not be very nice of us not to help you by giving you examples of dog names that meet our recommendations for a good dog name.

  • Snoopy
  • Sat
  • Ulysses
  • Romeo
  • Hazelnut
  • Max
  • Bob
  • Licorice
  • Beautiful
  • bitch
  • Titan
  • Tessy
  • Tequila
  • Thug
  • Lady
  • Leo
  • tom
  • Tyson
  • Sweetie
  • cuddle
  • Maya
  • Sisi
  • Oliver
  • paco
  • Rex
  • popeye
  • Whiskey
  • Socrates
  • Junior
  • Luna
  • Twist
  • Topaz
  • Tara
  • Choupette
  • doodle
  • Titeuf

This is a list of the first names of dog names that are most given by their owner. This list is given to you as an example to show you what a good name for a dog is. But keep one point in mind, give your dog a name that you love, that suits him well, a name that you will be proud of every time you call your furball.