Want to buy an excellent guard dog with incredible strength? The Dogo Argentino is an essential choice for those looking for imposing molasses. Indeed, it is a good pet for the whole family. 

He can perfectly play the role of man’s best friend and his affectionate character will delight toddlers. But before going further, this section offers some specific information about the Dogo Argentino: its character, its diet, its health, and in particular its price. Decryption.

How to recognize a Dogo Argentino?

Belonging to the breed of molossus of the “mastiff” category, the Dogo Argentino stands out for its strong musculature. He has a harmonious and imposing look that practically meets the advantages of a real hunting dog. To recognize it, it has a rather exceptional head guaranteeing a powerful bite. The highly developed masticatory muscles of its convex skull give it great strength to attack and protect itself.

His dark-colored eyes give him a look with a hard and intense expression. Because of its very imposing skull, its ears are widely spaced, drooping, and carried high. Regarding the coat of a Dogo Argentino, it is obviously short, silky, and smooth. It is often white and usually contains black markings around the eyes.


What living conditions are suitable for the Dogo Argentino?

To keep this pet healthy, it is imperative to provide it with appropriate living conditions. Being a hunting dog, he needs space to develop his intelligence as well as his different senses. However, adopting it in Europe requires other alternatives so that it can become a good watchdog. This will allow this animal to control its aggression and become an excellent companion for children. Everything is therefore played in the education that the Dogo Argentino will receive. It should be noted that this mastiff has great psychological stability.

On the other hand, to stay happy and in a good mood, he must do a lot of physical exercises, because he is a hunting dog. He really needs to exert himself to stay comfortable on a daily basis. Overall, this animal does not have any specific health issues. It should however be noted that the gene bringing the white color of its coat can cause deafness. To avoid this, it is recommended to carry out screening at the 12th week of the animal.

A few words about the diet and price of a Dogo Argentino

The diet of this pet is not to be taken lightly. Since the Dogo Argentino loves to exercise a lot, it must be adapted to his daily needs. In other words, its owner is forced to provide it with a rich and varied diet, such as premium dog food. To get an idea, this breed of dog generally requires two daily rations of good quality kibble. In case of need or doubt, it is better to consult the advice of an expert in animal nutrition. On the price side, a Dogo Argentino is accessible for 1,250 euros.