Dogs, Connection, Grace (The Dog Training Iceberg)

Welcome to a blog post that delves deep into the world of dog training, exploring how dogs, connection, and grace intertwine to form what we call “The Dog Training Iceberg”. Through this article, you’ll gain insights into the vital importance of developing a deep connection with your furry friend, and how it’s not just about training them but also experiencing a profound sense of grace that comes from mutual understanding. So, let’s embark on this journey together and dive deeper into the relationship between dogs and humans in the context of dog training.


Dogs are truly man’s best friends, they are loyal companions, and have become part of our family members. At the core of their relationship with humans lies their ability to connect with us, though connecting with a dog may seem like a natural thing, it requires a little bit of conscious effort. Relationship building with your dog is a two-way street, it involves actively creating a bond, understanding them, and communicating effectively. As the famous dog trainer, Susan Garrett says, “Dogs are not robots programmed to do our every bidding, dogs are beings deserving of understanding and respect.” In this article, we will explore the dog training iceberg, which is an analogy used by Susan Garrett to explain the essence of dog training, and we will also discuss how Dogs That, a dog training team led by Susan Garrett, offers assistance to dog owners worldwide.

The Dog Training Iceberg

The Dog Training Iceberg is an analogy used by Susan Garrett to explain the core principles of dog training. According to her, the iceberg has three sections, and they are; Connection, Grace, and Training. Most dog owners jump straight to the visible section of the iceberg, which is training, without adequately spending time building a connection with their dogs. A dog training relationship built on connection and grace is more effective than one built solely on training.


The first section of the dog training iceberg is connection, and it is at the core of all successful dog training. Connection is the foundation upon which important aspects such as focus, motivation, and obedience rest. Connecting with your dog involves building trust and understanding, it is about understanding the dog’s needs, personality, and communication style. Dog owners must learn to read their dog’s body language and respond appropriately, showing affection, trust, and respect.


The second section of the dog training iceberg is grace. Grace implies that we accept our dog’s limitations and work with them instead of against them. Dogs are individuals with varying personality types, and they all have their unique strengths and limitations. Understanding your dog’s limitations and working with them is a crucial part of the connection-building process. Grace also involves using positive reinforcement, showing our dogs what they are doing right instead of punishing them for what they are getting wrong.


The final section of the dog training iceberg is training. Training is where most dog owners start, but it is the least significant section when compared to the crucial sections of Connection and Grace. Training involves teaching your dog basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come when called. However, a relationship based solely on training is less effective in building a strong bond with your dog than a relationship that involves Connection and Grace.

Dogs That – The Say Yes Dog Training Team

Dogs That is a dog training team that offers dog owners worldwide, science-based learning principles for dog training. The team is led by renowned dog trainer and canine sports instructor Susan Garrett, who has had a successful career in dog training for more than 30 years. Dogs That offers a free Connected Dog Series, which provides valuable insights into dog training topics such as Connection, Grace, and Training. The team also has a YouTube channel, where subscribers can enjoy watching Shaped by Dog Episode 215 and the livestream replay of Susan’s training sessions with her dogs.

Assistance Offered for Dog Owners

Dogs That offers assistance to dog owners worldwide, and they have a presence on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Dog owners can keep up with the latest training tips and updates by subscribing to the Dogs That YouTube channel or registering on their website. Dogs That offers assistance to dog owners in 132 countries, and their services include one-on-one coaching, seminars, and workshops.


In conclusion, dogs are amazing companions, and connecting with them is essential in building a healthy and rewarding relationship. The Dog Training Iceberg teaches us that Connection and Grace are the critical components of all successful dog training, followed by training. Dogs That is a team that provides science-based learning principles for dog training, and their services are available to dog owners worldwide. Susan Garrett and her team offer free resources such as the Connected Dogs Series and Shaped by Dog Episode 215, which will help you start the connection building process with your dog. By adopting the principles of the dog training iceberg and seeking assistance from Dogs That, you can build a strong bond with your dog and improve their overall well-being.