Foods you should never give your dog

With how quickly a dog can become part of a family, it’s easy to forget that they can’t eat the same things as us. 

After all, who could resist that little angel face and pleading eyes looking up at you while you enjoy a snack or prepare lunch? We accompany you in this suffering. However, if you want to prolong the life expectancy and health of your pet, you should know that there are a variety of prohibited dog foods.

The reason why there are prohibited foods for dogs lies in the fact that their organism, metabolism, and stomach capacity are inferior to that of human beings. Therefore, a simple lunch for us could mean indigestion and even a serious stomach ailment for them. Here we give you a list of the main inputs that you should avoid giving them. And if you are preparing food at home, the ingredients that you should also avoid.

Chocolate: one of the most recognized prohibited foods for dogs

We will start with one of the forbidden foods for dogs that most people know, chocolate. It is one of the most consumed sweets worldwide and one that is also usually the favorite of the family dogs. However, it can have fatal effects on your body. A component of chocolate, Theobromine, can cause stomach problems, heart problems, fainting, or even death.


This is one of the prohibited dog foods that is also related to chocolate since it is present in many of these candies. It‘s because caffeine has the same effects on your pet as it does on humans, only in a magnified way. Heart racing, muscle tension, and rapid breathing are some of the effects and can have many negative results.


We know that many dogs cannot resist a cup of milk, cheese or even yogurt. However, any product that contains dairy in its composition can cause allergic reactions, diarrhea, indigestion, and skin infections in your pet. This is because they are less lactose tolerant.

Garlic and onion

On many occasions, we can be tempted to season the food we give our dogs as a form of appreciation. After all, they must get bored of always eating the same thing, right? Although it is a good intention, never think of adding this to their meals, or that it is found in the leftovers that we give our pets. These plants can kill your pet’s red blood cells, causing anemia if consumed long-term.

Sugar is one of the forbidden foods for dogs you should never give them

Sugar may seem harmless to our dogs, as it doesn’t really cause any immediate negative effects. However, if it is consumed regularly, it is when you will notice the reasons why it is one of the foods that cannot be given to a dog. The reason is that this is the main component for weight gain, cavities, and tartar, as well as diabetes and stomach problems.

Raw meat

Taking into account that dogs are mostly carnivores and proteins are an important part of their diet, there are many owners with the idea that they can eat raw meat. When in reality it is not. If it is a domesticated dog, these foods can infect them with bacteria and diseases such as salmonella and E. Coli. Also, if it contains bones, there is a risk of suffocation and intestinal damage.

Eggs, of the prohibited foods for dogs that we do not suspect

The egg is a crucial source of protein, it is tasty and also healthy. However, in dogs, it has negative effects. It is one of the prohibited foods for dogs because it has an enzyme that causes problems both in the skin and in the hair of your pet. Don’t even think about giving it to him, either raw or cooked.