How much do I plan to give a puppy

The amount of puppy food given to a puppy that is starting to eat solid food is very important to its development. Having good eating habits and everything they need at this early age helps them build a strong body, have adequate growth, and also helps them live much longer in later years.

However, knowing how much puppy food to give our new puppy can be a difficult challenge to figure out. After all, it is not the same as feeding a human baby, besides that for these, it is also crucial to consider aspects such as race, age, size, and physical condition. It is certainly enough. But do not worry! We tell you about the key points to give your baby dog ​​adequate nutrition. Go for it!

The importance of giving the correct amount of puppy food to your puppies

Many people find that to feed a puppy, it is enough to simply put enough puppy food in its bowl until the puppy can’t eat anymore or just eats it all. However, this can lead to various mistakes. For example, you may not be giving your dog enough food without realizing it; or, on the contrary, you are not giving it enough.

This can lead to your pup suffering from either obesity or nutritional deficiency. Yes, these are conditions that can be corrected. However, at this important stage in their development, there is also the possibility that a poor diet could have permanent health consequences. Consider carefully the following points!

The right food for puppies

This is a point that is actually not very difficult to recognize: if you want to give your puppy a correct diet, it is best that you buy feed specifically for puppies. These have an adequate balance of nutrients that will provide them with healthy and happy growth. In addition, they are also responsible for providing everything suitable for the growth of teeth and bones, a perfect level of energy, and the development of muscles.

How much food should my dog ​​eat daily?

The main thing you should know is that there is no exact formula for how much food a puppy should consume every day. It is because many factors enter into accounts that vary from puppy to puppy, such as their metabolism, their size, and the exercise they do. However, one of the main factors that give a more reliable estimate of the amount of food for puppies, in addition to the frequency of feeding, is their weight.

In general, the indications for this aspect can be found on the packaging of the puppy food that you have purchased. These have a table that specifies the amount of feed depending on the weight of your puppyGenerally, it indicates that puppies that have started weaning, generally at 6 weeks, should consume at least half or one cup of puppy food. This is for those who weigh between 1.4 – 5.4 kg.

For a puppy between 6 and 10 kg, you should consume between a half and a quarter cup of puppy food. From 10 kg onwards, the amount increases to a maximum of one and one and a half cups of food. From there the amount increases to even 4 cups for a puppy, although this is rare.

How often you should feed your puppy food

Now, there are brands of food for puppies that also specify how many meals you can divide each daily portion of food. However, if yours doesn’t specify it, it will be up to you to determine how many times your pup can eat per day. The idea is to divide the portions into a maximum of 3 or 4 meals a day. In order to avoid long periods of hunger for your puppy, in addition to contributing to balanced development.