You want to put on an anti-fugue collar for your dog, but you don’t know which one or how to choose it. There are different models, different sizes, and different features.

The size of the dog will be taken into account in your choice, the model will not be the same for a small or a large dog.

How big is your dog?

Namely that the collars are linked to invisible anti-fugue barriers. Do you have a small 2.5 kg dog or rather a 70 kg dog?

For smaller dogs, choose a low-impact fence for small breeds and a small, lightweight receiver.

For dogs from 6 to 10 kg, the choice is not too complicated, all models are suitable, however for larger dogs who will have more runaway tendencies, it is advisable to take an adjustable shock barrier. . Some models only have a low intensity and it will not be possible to increase the intensity if necessary.

Do you have a swimming pool, river, or lake nearby?

Do you have a Labrador, or a Golden Retriever? They are dogs that love water, these dogs like to swim, it will be important to choose a very waterproof anti-leak collar to avoid breakage.

Some collars can be submerged in 7 meters of water. You are therefore sure that it will never be damaged after a swim.


Wired or wireless anti-fugue system?

Many people are interested in buying a wireless system because it is very easy to set up, there are no wires to bury, and can be easily transported if you are going on vacation.

First, a wireless system sends a circular signal and cannot be changed to a square or rectangular shape in any way. The transmitter should be placed inside the house or garage and in the center of the perimeter if you want to cover it as much as possible.

The radius is adjustable according to the surface to be covered.

Wireless anti-fugue systems do not cover so much, about 500 square meters, however, for an urban need it is more than enough and it is not possible to increase the range with an additional transmitter.

Quality of the anti-fugue thread as an invisible fence

What takes longer when installing a runaway dog ​​fence is running the wire all the way around the yard, so it’s best to have quality wire and do it once, otherwise if your wire is buried, it will be quite difficult to find a wire break.

A 20 gauge cable is recommended as it is designed to last for several years. So beware of these cheap electrical barriers, the wire is often very thin and lasts up to 1 year, not to mention the reliability of the system, which is often very questionable.

The installation of the anti-fugue barrier is very easy, but the fact remains that the longest thing is to install the cable, if you take a cheap kit, you will have to redo the installation in its entirety, because if the wire is buried, the break will be very difficult to find and repair. Better to invest a few euros more, you will save time and you will have peace of mind.

What is the feeding mode of the anti-fugue collar?

For low-collar usage, you can choose a collar that works with batteries. On the contrary, for daily and frequent use, it is better to use a collar equipped with a rechargeable battery.

The battery will be consumed differently depending on use, if the sound signal is enough to make the dog obey, the battery will have a longer life. If on the other hand, you must in addition to the sound signal, activate the vibration and where emit an electrostatic stimulation, the battery will weaken quickly.

Regarding models using batteries, a choice can be more complicated in the short term in view of the price. You have to think that in the long term, it will be a winning investment, thanks to the savings made without the purchase of batteries.

With proper use, the battery of the collar will be longer. It is therefore important to respect the charging time and its autonomy will be longer.

Now that you have all the keys in hand to choose an anti-fugue collar, all you have to do is choose the model and buy it, You can say goodbye to your dog’s unexpected outings. An anti-fugue collar is an ideal ally to spend peaceful days, without worrying about the day your dog is having.