I think for puppies: tips for baby dogs

Have you just welcomed a new member of the family, but you have no idea what puppy food should be like? In this article, we discuss everything you need to know when giving your pet a few months of age the best food. This aspect is very important because after weaning the dog requires solid food, which is perfectly adapted to its needs.

Likewise, puppy food must be selected according to the specific requirements of the pet and must stand out for its excellent quality. So we recommend you appeal for products from specialized stores, which will guarantee the best nutrition and essential nutrients. Those that cannot be missing for any reason in the diet of our beloved dog.

Best tips when selecting and offering puppy food

We know that introducing a new pet into your home requires a series of care and planning, especially if you don’t have so much experience. For this reason, we have prepared this section, where you will appreciate the best advice that will help you make the most appropriate food for puppies. Remember that the nutrients contained in their diet favor their development.

baby dog ​​size

An extremely relevant factor to consider when acquiring feed for puppies is to look at the size of the dog. Since not everyone has the same needs and the same process of canine development and growth. Generally, small breed dogs evolve faster than large ones, and the food deserves to meet their basic needs at all times.

food taste

We all like to enjoy food from day to day and our dear furry friends do not escape this. Therefore, it is important to look at the palatability of the puppy food. This one has to be attractive and delicious if we want them to eat it all. If you are interested, there are brands that guarantee this aspect, providing not only a source of nutrients but also an incomparable flavor.

Consistency and texture

The feed for puppies must meet the nutritional needs once weaning occurs. However, in the early stage of development, it pays to get products that adapt to the small growing teeth of our furry friend. Therefore, consistency is an essential part when purchasing these products at the preferred pet store.

High source of protein

The most important thing about puppy food is that it contains all the proteins that will make the pet grow strong and healthy. Thanks to this, the tissues that give the necessary stability to the muscles are reconstructed, increasing their functioning. In addition, the food must be of quality, if it is expected to integrate all the nutrients that your dog deserves so much in its correct development.

appropriate amount

Once you purchase the highest quality puppy food, you need to know how much food to feed per day; Ideally, you should look at the back of the bag that brings a serving/weight table and indicates the fair portion. However, it is necessary that you distribute the amount of food in at least three feedings if the dog is less than six months old. Later, two takes will suffice.


One of the advantages of puppy food is that it keeps quite well at room temperature. Although it is convenient that it is in a dry and safe place –in order to avoid accidents–, so it is best to store it in resistant containers. For its part, we recommend you always be aware of the expiration date, especially when buying large bags.


Did you know that growing baby dogs require twice as much energy as adult dogs? This is due to its speed of growth and the food for puppies has to correspond perfectly, providing high energy sources. Of course, this does not mean increasing daily consumption, because it could cause overweight problems at an early age.

Vitamins, minerals, and calcium

These ingredients cannot be missing in puppy food under any circumstances. Make sure that the packaging reads the percentages belonging to each group of vitamins and that the source of calcium is included. Do not forget that these elements have specific functions that intervene positively in development and growth. Strengthening the bones and providing well-being.