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Welcome to the world of Dogs That, where you and your furry best friend can have an amazing learning experience and a bundle of fun. If you haven’t heard about this wonderful initiative yet, then you must discover it right away. The world-renowned dog trainer Susan Garrett leads the Dogs That team. The team’s success is down to hard work, expertise, and the entire team’s passion to help you and your dog have a better relationship, which can lead to the best time spent together. This article is all about how Dogs That can help you create amazing moments with your dog, why you should know about it, and what makes this team special.

Who Is Susan Garrett?

Susan Garrett is a preeminent dog trainer and canine sports instructor and competitor. Over the past 30 years, she has won multiple Gold Medals at National or World Championship events with every dog she has ever owned. She is also world-renowned as a leading educator of dog trainers, helping dog owners in 132 countries have the best relationship possible with their dogs. Susan earned a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Science from the University of Guelph. Her understanding of how to train dogs has also helped change how dogs are trained.

Why Should You Know About Dogs That?

Dogs That is brought to you by Susan Garrett and the Say Yes Dog Training Team. The team uses science-based learning principles to train dogs for both competitive and family pet purposes. At Dogs That, you will not find any negative training methods like yelling or punishment. Instead, training is based on relationship building games designed to bring confidence to dogs and their owners. Dogs That is an excellent way to invest in your dog’s well-being, where you both learn together and have fun.

What Makes Dogs That Special?

The joy for Susan comes from bringing confidence to dogs and their owners through playful interactions and relationship building games. Something new is always happening at Dogs That, thanks to Kim Dunsdon who leads the team. It’s never dull around there, and you are encouraged to subscribe to their YouTube channel for notifications of new videos. If your dog has any problems with behavior, you can find the perfect solution in Dogs That. There’s something for everyone, as the team works with training all dog breeds, sizes, and ages.

How to Stay Connected With Dogs That?

Dogs That has a website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can visit their website to register and receive updates. The content on their social media platforms is amazing, and you will never run out of inspiration for new activities to do with your furry friend. Here are some more things you need to know about Dogs That:

They have for you and your dog:

  1. Online Courses: Dogs That offers online courses for you and your furry pal. You can learn about agility, obedience, confidence building games, and puppy training courses.

  2. Free Training Videos: They have a vast library of free training videos available on their website and Youtube channel, with everything you need to know to get started.

  3. Play Books: You can buy playbooks from Dogs That that will add an extra level of fun to your interaction with your dog.

  4. Workshops: Dogs That conducts in-person and online workshops throughout the year. You can register for these workshops on their website.

  5. Podcasts: If you’re a podcast lover, then you need to check out the Dogs That podcast. They have amazing content for you to listen to while you’re out walking your dog.

  6. Community: Dogs That has an online community for all of its members. It’s a great place to connect with other dog owners, share your training journey, and get feedback.


Dogs That is an excellent investment in your dog’s future and a great way to spend quality time with them. From the vast library of training videos and playbooks, online courses, workshops, and their beautiful social media presence, you will never run out of inspiration for new activities to do with your furry friend. With Susan Garrett’s expertise and the Dogs That team’s passion, you and your dog will have a better relationship, and every moment spent together will be the best. Don’t wait; visit their website now and embark on a new adventure with Dogs That!