Kim and I started training Belief and This! in flyball late last year.

We kicked off 2021 with a new adventure – training our furry friends Belief and This! in the sport of flyball. Kim and I had started this journey late last year, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where it takes us and our pups. Join us as we share our experiences, insights, and tips on training and everything flyball-related.


Kim and I are avid dog lovers who are always on the lookout for fun and unique activities to do with our furry friends. Last year, we stumbled upon the sport of flyball and we were immediately hooked. Flyball is a fast-paced relay race between two teams of four dogs. The objective is for each dog to jump over a series of hurdles, retrieve a tennis ball from a box, and race back to the finish line. The team that completes the race with all four dogs in the shortest amount of time wins. Recently, we came across a video created by Dogs That, a company that provides flyball training, and we were impressed with the content. In this article, we will share our thoughts and opinions on the Dogs That video.

  1. The Benefits of Flyball Training:

Flyball is not only a fun and entertaining sport for dogs and their owners but also has many benefits. In this section, we will discuss some of these benefits:

  • Flyball is an excellent form of exercise for dogs, which helps maintain their physical health.
  • This sport is great for building a strong bond between dogs and their owners.
  • Regular flyball training can also help to improve a dog’s agility and coordination.
  • It provides an excellent opportunity for socialization with other dogs and their owners.
  • Dogs that participate in flyball often become more obedient and easy to manage.
  1. The Dogs That Video:

The Dogs That video is a promotional video that showcases their flyball training program. The video begins with an introduction to flyball and its benefits, similar to what we discussed earlier. Next, the video goes into detail about the specific training program that Dogs That offers. They explain their training approach and show clips of their experienced trainers working with different dogs.

We were impressed with the quality of the video production. The graphics and animations used were eye-catching and kept us engaged throughout the video. Additionally, we appreciated the attention to detail in the training program. The trainers at Dogs That seemed very knowledgeable and were able to cater to dogs of different ages, breeds, and skill levels.

  1. Why We Recommend Dogs That:

After watching the Dogs That video, we highly recommend their flyball training program for anyone interested in participating in this sport. Here are some reasons why we are recommending Dogs That:

  • The training program is designed to cater to dogs of all ages, breeds, and skill levels.
  • The trainers are experienced and knowledgeable in flyball training and can customize the program for each dog’s individual needs.
  • The video provides an excellent introduction to flyball and its benefits.
  • The production quality is top-notch, making it an enjoyable watch.


In conclusion, the Dogs That video is an excellent promotional tool that effectively showcases their flyball training program. The video is well-produced and informative, providing an excellent introduction to flyball and its benefits. We highly recommend their training program to anyone interested in participating in this exciting sport with their furry friends. As proficient SEO writers, we always make sure to produce quality content that meets our clients’ expectations while following best practices for SEO. We hope this article has been informative and engaging, just like the Dogs That flyball training program!