Preparations for the arrival of a puppy in our home

When we think about adopting or buying a puppy, in many cases we get carried away by emotions without knowing that we must have certain considerations. Before getting the puppy to our home, we must take into account that he would be far from his first home. It is therefore that he will be far from his habitat and we must prepare to offer him care in his new environment.

In some cases, we can see a bit of amazement, sadness, or decay in some puppies when they arrive at our homes. This behavior is due to the fact that we have changed their habitat and diet, and they may miss their mother or someone. That is why we must give him confidence from the moment he arrives at our home, loving him and we will immediately see the change in his reaction.

Track your health

Prior to the arrival of the puppy at our home, we must have located a nearby veterinarian. It is recommended that we consult our friends who have already had canine pets. This is because the vet must submit our puppy to a complete review to determine his size and weight based on his age. A medical record will be opened for future reviews and vaccinations.

Our veterinarian will indicate some implements that we will have in the house to facilitate the health and care of our puppy at home. Such is the case of beds, and houses, among other hygiene items. Some items are toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, combing brushes, containers to serve food, and water among others.

home security

Home security is essential. We should not leave dangerous objects that our pet can try to eat when playing, which could cause choking. We must take a tour of our home to verify that there are no electrical cables within reach that could bite and receive an electric shock.

We must be careful with some containers that contain liquids other than water that could be ingested and cause damage. In the same way, check narrow spaces in which our puppy does not get trapped. We also have to observe that he can climb somewhere with a considerable height and hit himself, among which would be the stairs, and windows, among others.

house exterior

Outside we must take into account that there may be toxic elements. Some toxic elements are plants, pesticides, and poisons. We also have to make sure that there are no heavy objects that could be moved and hit. You have to close the holes where it could fall or there could even be an opening in the door or the fence where our puppy could escape.

Your sleeping place

The fact of being puppies will lead many hours of sleep, so we must offer them a comfortable place where they will spend much of the day. It is necessary to consider that if we live in a place where the climate is cold, we need a warm environment and not directly on the floor. Also, the bed should be padded for comfort. It is recommended to keep the sleeping place fixed.


As a puppy, he will be playing most of the day. Therefore, we must consider a sufficient space so that it can be moved. Also dedicate considerable time to sharing because in many cases he will learn through games. Among the toys, you can use balls and teethers that, in addition to distracting, will satisfy their desire to bite.

Container for food and water

It is essential to have a container for the food that our puppy is going to eat, in the same way, we must have a container or container for water. There are different models, sizes, and materials, among the most recommended, would be those made of aluminum. This is due to its hygiene above plastic containers in addition to its durability.

Other dogs at home

The presentation of the puppy to the dog that is already in the home must be made in a different space than the one that he considers as his land. This is because, in the first instance, it could attack him, it will also give us time to get to know each other and somehow accept each other. It is recommended to keep it on a leash. In case he behaves abruptly, you can control him.


We must consider that children, depending on their age, are not clear about the delicacy to have our puppy. Precisely due to the fragility of the puppy and the abrupt way in which children sometimes behave, it could cause considerable damage. Therefore, we must talk to our children beforehand so that they maintain correct treatment in addition to supervising them at all times.

It is necessary to plan all of the above in advance, in the same way, to talk with our partner and with our children to take the time to attend to them. It is recommended that the dog arrive home on the weekend before everything is already prepared. The advantage of the weekend is having enough time available to dedicate both at home and at the doctor’s visit.