Solve Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety With FRIDA: Expanding Calm With Functional Relaxation #200

Introducing FRIDA – the solution to your dog’s separation anxiety. If you’ve been struggling to leave your furry companion alone without them becoming distressed, then FRIDA’s functional relaxation techniques can help. In this blog post, we’ll explore how FRIDA works and how it can expand calm in your dog’s life. Say goodbye to separation anxiety and hello to a peaceful and happy pup with FRIDA.

 Solve Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety With FRIDA: Expanding Calm With Functional Relaxation

Dogs are social animals and crave human attention, which can lead to separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. Separation anxiety is a common behavioral issue that dogs experience, causing them to suffer from panic attacks, destructive behaviors, and excessive barking. The problem can be hard to solve, and many common solutions are not successful. However, Nadine and Simone’s program for separation anxiety, The FRIDA Protocol, has proven to be highly effective in successfully treating dogs with separation anxiety.


Separation anxiety is a behavior disorder that causes dogs to become excessively anxious when separated from their owners. This anxiety can manifest itself in various ways, such as barking, howling, and crying, which can disturb neighbors and make it hard for the dog owner to go out. The FRIDA Protocol is a comprehensive program designed to help dogs with separation anxiety overcome their fears and anxieties, making them calmer and more relaxed when left alone.

 Nadine and Simone’s Program for Separation Anxiety

Nadine and Simone are professional dog trainers who have years of experience helping dogs overcome separation anxiety. They have developed a comprehensive program, known as The FRIDA Protocol, which combines Functional Relaxation and other techniques to reduce a dog’s anxiety levels. The goal of the program is to teach dogs how to be calm and relaxed when they are alone, reducing their stress levels and allowing them to enjoy their time away from their owners.

 The FRIDA Protocol

The FRIDA Protocol is a 10-step program designed to help dogs overcome separation anxiety. The program focuses on teaching dogs functional relaxation, a technique that teaches dogs how to relax and be calm when they are alone. The program also teaches owners how to communicate with their dogs and provide the right environment for success.

 10-Step Protocol for Separation Anxiety

The FRIDA Protocol’s ten steps follow a specific order to ensure maximum effectiveness. The steps include:

  1. Preparing the home environment
  2. Practicing the protocol in the presence of the owner
  3. Teaching the dog to settle mat work
  4. Teaching the dog the “Park & Stay” command
  5. Building duration and distance gradually
  6. Solving any issues that arise
  7. Using partially open barriers and wifi cameras for testing
  8. Introducing “hidden treasures”
  9. Fading the remote feeder gradually
  10. Gradually increasing the solo time

Each step is critical to the program’s success and needs to be followed in the order specified.

 Problems with Common Solutions for Separation Anxiety

Many common solutions for separation anxiety, such as crate training and medication, can be ineffective, and some can even make the problem worse. Crate training can be stressful for some dogs and can make them feel trapped and panicky. Medication can also have side effects that can negatively affect a dog’s health. Therefore, dog owners should consider alternative treatments like The FRIDA Protocol.

 Equipment Needed for The FRIDA Protocol

The equipment required for The FRIDA Protocol is minimal and can be obtained easily. An exercise pen, a mat, a leash, a collar or harness, a remote feeder, and a wifi camera are all the gear owners need to get started.

 3 Fundamentals of FRIDA Protocol Success

The success of The FRIDA Protocol depends on several factors. Three crucial fundamentals include:

  1. Consistency: Owners need to consistently repeat the training protocol to reinforce the training.
  2. Patience: Owners should be patient with their dogs and avoid rushing the process.
  3. Reinforcement: Owners need to reward their dogs when they perform the desired behavior and avoid punishing them during training.

 Training Functional Relaxation for Dogs

Functional Relaxation is an essential part of The FRIDA Protocol. It involves teaching dogs how to relax and be calm, even when they are alone. During training, dogs learn to relax their muscles actively, control their breathing, and tune out distracting stimuli.

 Testing with Partially Open Barrier and Wifi Camera

The FRIDA Protocol teaches dogs to be calm when they are alone, and it’s crucial to test their progress. Owners can use wifi cameras to monitor their dogs and partially open barriers to simulate the stress of being alone.

 Introducing “Hidden Treasures” to Fade the Remote Feeder

Dogs need to learn to relax when they are alone, and one way of making this process easier is through hidden treasure hunts. Owners can hide treats in the dog’s sleeping area, making it easier for them to relax and enjoy their alone time.

 Program for Separation Anxiety in German

The FRIDA Protocol is available in the German language.

 Exercising Your Dog’s Body and Mind Tips and Games

Dogs need exercise for good health, just like humans. As well as physical exercise, owners can engage their dogs mentally by playing games that challenge their brains.

 Podcast Episodes for Understanding Dog Body Language

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The FRIDA Protocol provides a comprehensive program for dog owners to treat their dog’s separation anxiety effectively. With techniques like functional relaxation, owners can help their dogs learn how to stay calm and relaxed when left alone. The program’s fundamentals, consistency, patience, and reinforcement, are essential for owners to remember during training. By following The FRIDA Protocol, owners can help their dogs overcome separation anxiety and lead happier, healthier lives.