This! Before And After Confidence Update: Real Dog Agility

Welcome to our blog post, where we are thrilled to share a remarkable update on dog agility! In this exciting piece, we will take you through a journey of before and after, showcasing the incredible transformation and renewed confidence in our furry friends. Our devotion to dog agility has fueled our passion to witness these inspiring changes firsthand. So, join us as we delve into the world of real dog agility and explore the remarkable progress that showcases the indomitable spirit of our loyal companions.

This! Before And After Confidence Update: Real Dog Agility


Welcome to our journey with This!, our beloved Border Collie. In this article, we’ll take you through the ups and downs of competing in our first agility trial with This! We believe that dogs control the pace of our journey and set the goals for us. This! is competing at a later age compared to our previous dogs, who achieved National and even World Championships. But we’re eager to see how This! shines in the agility arena. So, let’s dive in and share our progress with you.

Our Journey with This!

This! Competing at a Later Age

It’s not uncommon for agility dogs to start their training at a young age. However, This! brought a new challenge to our table. This! is competing at a later age compared to our past dogs. Despite the odds, we firmly believe that age doesn’t limit a dog’s ability to excel in agility. Our experiences have taught us that it’s the dog’s determination and enthusiasm that truly matter. This! serves as an inspiration to all other dog owners out there who are hesitant to venture into agility training with their older companions.

Setting Goals with Our Dogs

In our journey with This!, we’ve learned an important lesson – our dogs set the goals for us. While we may have aspirations and dreams for This!, it’s crucial to let our furry friends guide us. They show us what they’re capable of and what they enjoy doing. This! has taught us to adapt our training methods to suit his preferences and strengths. As a result, our bond has grown stronger, and we’ve witnessed remarkable progress in his agility skills.

This!’s Journey So Far: A Recap Video

[Include a video recapping the journey with This! so far]

Gratitude to the Agility Community

We wouldn’t have come this far without the incredible support of the agility community. During our trials and at home, fellow trainers and enthusiasts have been a constant source of encouragement. This! has received cheers and applause, boosting his confidence on the course. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey and has contributed to This!’s success.

Overcoming Diet-related Challenges

Every dog is unique, and they face different challenges along their agility journey. This! encountered diet-related issues that impacted his performance. Instead of solely relying on dog training, we took a holistic approach to address these challenges. With careful attention to his nutritional needs, we saw a significant improvement in This!’s energy levels, focus, and overall well-being. This serves as a reminder that a balanced diet is essential for any agility dog.

Exploring This!’s Full Story on YouTube

For a comprehensive understanding of This!’s agility journey, we invite you to explore his full story on our YouTube channel. In a series of videos, we document the highs and lows, showcasing This!’s growth and development. Every stumble and victory is captured, providing a valuable resource for both beginners and seasoned agility enthusiasts. Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications when we release new videos, and join us as we celebrate This!’s achievements.

Dogs That: A Leading Educator of Dog Trainers

We couldn’t have achieved our success without the guidance of Susan Garrett, an accomplished dog trainer and the host of Dogs That. Susan’s extensive knowledge and experience have been invaluable in shaping This!’s agility journey. With a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and multiple Gold Medals in agility competitions, Susan knows what it takes to excel in the field. As a leading educator of dog trainers, she applies science-based learning principles and emphasizes playful interactions and relationship building games to foster a confident relationship between dogs and their owners.

Stay Informed with Dogs That

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This! has redefined our perception of age and agility. Through This!’s journey, we’ve learned to let our dogs set the goals and listen to their needs. Our dedication, combined with the support of the agility community and the guidance of Susan Garrett, has enabled us to surpass obstacles and achieve remarkable progress. As we step into the world of real dog agility, we encourage all dog owners to embrace their four-legged companions’ abilities and embark on this exciting adventure. Remember, it’s not only about the destination but also the transformative journey itself. Stay tuned for more updates on This!’s agility triumphs!