This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!

They have done it! This remarkable achievement has earned them a coveted spot on the big box. With their hard work, dedication, and undeniable talent, they have managed to secure a prominent position among the other top contenders. This is a momentous occasion for them, and a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. In this blog post, we will delve into the incredible journey that led to their triumphant feat, and explore the reasons behind their well-deserved recognition. Get ready to be inspired by their story of success that has propelled them into the spotlight of the big box.


Dogs That, a popular YouTube channel, recently released a captivating video that has taken the internet by storm. Titled “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” this video is not just any ordinary clip, but a mesmerizing piece of content that combines creativity, humor, and an irresistible charm. In this article, we will delve into the details of this brilliant video and explore why it deserves the spotlight.

The Video That Stole the Show:

Dogs That has truly outdone themselves with “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” This video, approximately 400 pixels in height, showcases the incredible talents of our canine companions in a way that is both entertaining and heartwarming. As soon as the video begins, viewers are greeted by a visually appealing yet unobtrusive display with no borders, allowing the content to take center stage.

A Perfect Combination:

The video’s title, “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!”, piques curiosity from the start. Upon pressing play, viewers are treated to a delightful display of dogs showcasing various skills and tricks. From skateboarding bulldogs to agile German Shepherds navigating obstacle courses, this video encapsulates the undeniable bond between humans and their furry friends. The video seamlessly combines humor, awe-inspiring moments, and heart-melting displays of affection, making it an instant favorite among dog lovers worldwide.

Navigating the Video:

Dogs That understands the importance of user experience, and “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” reflects their attention to detail. The video includes user-friendly controls, allowing viewers to pause, resume, or navigate through different segments effortlessly. With options for fullscreen viewing, the video ensures an immersive experience that engrosses the audience entirely.

High-Quality Playback and Audio:

The video not only features stunning visuals but also supports high-quality playback, making every detail crystal clear. Combined with a captivating soundtrack, the audio complements the visuals perfectly, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Dogs That leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing content that engages and entertains.

Sharing the Joy:

One of the most appealing aspects of “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” is the ability to share it with others. The video supports sharing on various social media platforms, enabling viewers to spread the joy and connect with fellow dog enthusiasts. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, viewers can easily share this heartwarming video, ensuring its widespread reach.

Inclusive and Accessible:

Dogs That understands the importance of inclusivity, and “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” reflects their dedication to making content accessible to everyone. The video supports closed captions, ensuring that individuals with hearing impairments can enjoy the experience as well. This commitment to inclusivity showcases Dogs That’s understanding of their diverse audience and their desire to connect with everyone through their content.


In conclusion, Dogs That has once again delivered an extraordinary video that captivates hearts and minds. “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” is a masterpiece that showcases the remarkable talents and unconditional love shared between people and their canine companions. With its captivating visuals, user-friendly navigation, high-quality playback, and inclusive features, this video has rightfully earned its spot on the big screen. Whether you are a dog lover or simply looking for an uplifting and heartwarming experience, “This! WINS a spot on the BIG BOX!” is a must-watch. Don’t miss the chance to be captivated by the magic that only Dogs That can create.