Tips for caring for a puppy’s diet

Taking care of feeding a puppy with the best feed is essential to increase its life expectancy and to achieve maximum vitality, health, and well-being of both the dog and the cat.

From Pienso Profine we give you some of the most important keys to getting the best food for your puppy, guaranteeing the best quality without neglecting what dogs like the most to make them have a healthy diet adapted to the individual needs of each dog and each cat.

Keys to feeding a puppy correctly

  1. Select a good quality feed. Specifically formulated to cover the nutritional needs of dogs and cats during their first months of life.
  2. Choose a diet with excellent digestibility and absorption that helps the proper functioning of the body and keeps the puppy healthy both inside and out, that is, that takes care of its internal organs as well as its hair, teeth, etc.
  3. Follow the instructions of the veterinarian who takes the puppy for consultation, since he is the one who will know the most about what the animal needs to maximize its well-being throughout its development.
  4. Adapt to the nutritional needs of the puppy according to its breed, its age, the lifestyle it leads, and possible pathologies it may have without adding products that are harmful to its health to its diet.
  5. Avoid feeds that only provide fats and carbohydrates to the puppy. Many feeds do not provide adequate nutrients for the puppy. In general, they like “junk food” a lot because of its high-fat content, but you have to avoid falling for it.
  6. Do not remove the mother’s milk from the puppies’ diet in a hasty manner. A lactation period of 45 days is recommended. If for some reason the puppy does not have access to breast milk, it will be necessary to look for infant formula in stores, as Francisco María García maintains on the “ My Animals ” website.
  7. Combine a good diet for the puppy with proper hydration, physical exercise, and hygiene, thus covering its basic needs to achieve its correct development. Aspects such as keeping the containers where we put the water and feed clean are essential.

I think adapted to the needs of the puppy

At Pienso Profine we have a wide range of feeds specially formulated to guarantee the healthiest and best quality food for your puppy because we care about animals and we work every day to provide them with the best possible care through their diet.

We have a feed of different flavors for the different vital stages of the puppy, for example, the profile cat kitten feed is ideal for kittens, enriched with prawns and salmon oil to care for their fur and with seaweed to strengthen their immune system. For puppies, we have feed such as Profine Puppy Chicken with natural chicken and potato with a low grain content and gluten-free.

We also have lamb, natural chicken, and rice feed in different sizes to take care of your puppy, satisfying its needs in terms of food and of course with an exquisite flavor so that it delights in every bite. Taking care of an animal is something wonderful that has to start by providing it with an adequate diet, combining it with the effective care, protection, and exercise it needs.