Tips for feeding your puppy

In order for your puppy to grow healthily and with a good quality of life, it is necessary to feed it in a good way. For this, it is not only important to take into account the feed we give it, but also other types of keys that will help it maintain good health. Next, we will discover what they are.

How to feed your puppy?

To feed your puppy well, it is important to take into account the keys that we are going to expose and that it is essential to always keep them in mind. Let’s see some of the most important and that will help you keep your puppy in very good health.

1. The feed must be of quality

This may seem obvious, however, there are many feeds that can make you believe that they are of quality and, in reality, they are not so good for your puppy. Therefore, it is convenient that you always look at its ingredients. The Profine brand, for example, is a good choice.

Choosing a quality feed for your puppy will help it to have digestions that are not heavy, in addition to providing it with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. Undoubtedly, an essential aspect that you need to take into account.

However, do not forget to choose the one that is intended especially for your puppy. In the market, you can find varieties for adults or senior dogs. Each feed has a series of properties that meet the needs of dogs at certain stages of their lives.

2. Recommended servings

When you choose a feed for your puppy you should not start giving it to him when he is hungry or in a disorganized way. This is a mistake since each stage of his life as a puppy requires a specific amount of food to avoid becoming overweight or lacking in nutrients.

Although some instructions will already be provided in the feed package for your puppy, the ideal is that up to 10 weeks of age you provide up to 5 servings of feed per day. Then, up to 5 months you can give him 3 servings of food and, later, only 2 a day.

3. Respect meal times

Another tip for feeding your puppy is to establish specific times for the recommended daily rations. This will help your pet reduce anxiety and help her settle into a healthy routine.

In this way, he will avoid feeling too hungry, and he will not stop asking you for food constantly. Remember that routines are essential for your puppy. In addition, it is also recommended that you reserve a place and a specific container for his food.

4. Never give your food

Getting your puppy used to give him your food when you are having breakfast or lunch is a mistake. This can affect his nutrition, since you will be giving him additional foods that, in addition, may not suit him at all well.

We advise you that, from the beginning, never give in to this. Well, once you do it will be much more difficult to teach your puppy to stop asking. He may even ask you for food and then eat his own food. So, don’t fall for this mistake.

goodbye to supplements

If you follow all these tips, we assure you that your puppy will not need any supplements, since all its nutritional needs will be properly covered. In addition, supplements can provide extra calories that can make your puppy overweight.

However, we do not want to finish without reminding you that Profine adapts to the needs of your puppy. It is a feed that does not contain wheat or gluten to facilitate digestion and that is made with natural and balanced ingredients that allow a balanced diet.