Nothing beats a relaxing weekend than going for a walk in the woods.

This is an opportunity for you to recharge your batteries, and for your dog to let off steam! But be careful, certain points of vigilance should not escape you, both before, during, and after the ride!

What to plan before the walk with your dog

Above all, make sure, before going for a walk in the woods, that your dog is in good enough shape and that he does not suffer from paw pads or paws. For the rest, nothing really rocket science!

A few points of vigilance before setting off on a walk

  • Plan something to drink if there is no water point on your way.
  • Bring a leash, as you may have to walk a bit near a road before you get to the woods. It is also possible that special situations require you to reattach it (such as the presence of another dog during a walk).
  • Brush your dog well, so that his hair can “let slip” the undesirables who could try to stay there (even if a good brushing will be necessary at the end of the walk with your dog!).

Should I hire a groomer before or after the ride?

As we will discuss a little later, the intervention of a groomer will indeed be necessary. However, it will be more after the walk, to ensure a quality brushing of the coat, to check that ticks have not lodged there, etc., so that your dog is taken care of effectively. We will come back to this point a little later since at this stage the intervention of a groomer is not essential. Note, however, that if your dog has very long hair, a short visit to a grooming salon may be relevant. If necessary, he may come back covered in leaves and other elements that are difficult to remove from his coat.

What to expect when walking with your dog

Once there, always remain attentive to your dog’s actions.

Watch your dog

Your pet may tend to wander off, follow a detected trail, and eat something it shouldn’t. So, for his physical and health safety, watch him carefully. You have to be more attentive when he is loose (without a leash). If it approaches, for example, mushrooms, processionary caterpillars, and the like, you will have to intervene quickly.

Rest regularly with your pet

Walks in the woods invite you to escape and relax, and you can often spend hours there without really realizing it. It will therefore be important to rest at regular intervals, inviting your dog to drink.

Take care of your dog!

Want to prevent your pet from being distracted and getting into mischief? Occupy it! Bring a ball, throw sticks at him, and let him play in bodies of water if there are any… In a nutshell: keep him busy and try to keep him as close to you as possible.

What to do after a walk with your pet?

Once the walk is over, you should check that your dog is uninjured. Small cuts happen quickly, and you don’t always notice them immediately. After that, you must wash your animal and check that it has not caught any parasites.

Make sure once again that your dog is well hydrated, and provide him with a good bowl of kibble.

It’s time to call a groomer!

You had a great time during your walk with your dog. If you came by car, it is advisable to install a cover for your faithful companion, so as not to dirty your seats. Once home, he will need a pre-cleaning, quickly followed by professional grooming.

Your dog may indeed have mud on his coat or parasites on his skin. These, like ticks, can also be dangerous if left untreated.

The role of the groomer will be to remove everything that hides in the hair and between the pads of your animal. In tall grass and foliage, ticks, parasites, and other pests are often found.

These foreign bodies have the possibility of hiding in his paws, nails, ears, etc. For cleaning, the groomer can make him take a bath with a suitable shampoo, brush his teeth, dry, an anti-flea and anti-tick bath.

He can also cut the nails, and hair, and shear and unclog the anal glands, even if the animal is presented to him.

Your dog will eventually be rid of any ticks and spikelets. Your dog will then come out of the groomer perfectly clean and rid of any unwanted!

Remember to make an appointment with the groomer

It’s stupid, but you don’t necessarily think about it before the ride. And when we get home, we can be very annoyed if our dear pooch has matted and dirty hair, and we have to wait several days for a slot to become available at the dog grooming salon.

Thus, if the walk is planned beforehand, you can already anticipate the appointment, so that your dog is quickly rid of any parasites and his hair becomes shinier than ever.


Now you know how to prepare for a little walk in the woods with your four-legged friend! Nothing really rocket science in the end, but there are still a few points not to be overlooked. Before the walk, they will allow you to think about taking everything your dog may need. During this, you will know what are the points of vigilance. After the walk, this is where you will need to be particularly vigilant so that your dog can get rid of any unwanted items on his pretty coat.