What Your Destructive, Lunging, Nipping Or Hyper Dog Or Puppy Is Trying To Teach You #215 #podcast

Welcome to our latest blog post where we’ll dive deep into understanding your destructive, lunging, nipping, or hyper dog or puppy. In today’s podcast, we’ll explore the possible reasons why your furry friend might be exhibiting these behaviors and what they might be trying to communicate to you. As an experienced pet owner, you know that our furry friends have unique ways of expressing themselves, and it’s our responsibility as pet parents to understand and respond to their needs. So without further ado, let’s get started and unravel the mystery behind your dog’s behavior.


Dogs are loyal, loving, and affectionate animals that are known to be man’s best friend. However, living with dogs can be challenging, particularly when we encounter misbehaving dogs, such as those who lunge, nip, bark excessively or act aggressively in public places. It can be frustrating and stressful for pet owners to deal with destructive, lunging, nipping, or hyper dogs because it seems like nothing works. In this article, we will explore the lessons that these dogs can teach us and how we can use a different perspective to find a pathway to manage our furry friends.

Life with Dogs Can Be Challenging

Living with dogs can be challenging, particularly when we encounter problems such as misbehaving dogs. For most pet owners, it can be a frustrating experience, particularly when traditional training methods don’t seem to work as they should. For example, taking the dog to obedience classes, using a training collar, or using a clicker might not have the desired effect. But, what if there is something else going on that we are not aware of? What if our dogs are trying to teach us something valuable?

Having a Different Perspective Can Help in Dealing with Frustrating Situations with Dogs

When pets misbehave, our first reaction may be to give up, use harsh punishment, or simply accept the behavior as inevitable. However, adopting a different perspective can provide you with a new pathway to deal with these frustrating situations. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, try to take yourself out of the situation for a moment and see things from your dog’s perspective. This can help you to understand what your dog is trying to communicate and approach things in a new way.

Bob and His Dog, Buddy’s Story is an Example of Finding New Pathways When Dealing with Misbehaving Dogs

Bob had a golden retriever, Buddy, who was a loving and loyal dog. However, Buddy had a tendency to lunge at other dogs while they were on walks. Bob was at a loss about how to manage Buddy’s behavior and tried various techniques, including obedience training. Nothing seemed to work. Then, one day, Bob realized that Buddy was teaching him patience and understanding. Instead of focusing on training Buddy, he began to focus on building a deep connection with him, which helped both of them to manage his behavior.

It’s Important Not to Give Up and Keep Looking for a New Approach in Dog Training

When we encounter difficulties in pet training, it can be tempting to give up, particularly if we have tried everything. However, giving up is not an option if we want to have a positive relationship with our dogs. There’s always a new way to approach things. Be patient, be open to new approaches and don’t give up. With time you will find a way to deal with your dog’s behavior.

Grace Can Change the Way You View the World and Yourself in Terms of Dog Training

Grace is an attitude that can change the way you view the world and yourself in terms of dog training. When we practice grace, we are more patient, understanding, and forgiving. In the context of pet training, grace means seeing things from your dog’s perspective, understanding that they have their own concerns, and working together to find a solution that works for both of you.

Creating a Deep Connection with Dogs Can Change Your Life

Creating a deep connection with dogs can change your life and the life of your furry friend. Connection means that your dog feels understood and loved. It means that they trust you and feel safe around you. When this kind of connection happens, both you and your pet benefit, and you will be able to manage their behavior more effectively.

The Connected Dog Video Series Is Currently Available

The Connected Dog Video series is currently available and covers a range of topics related to pet training. The videos are designed to help pet owners connect with their dogs and learn new approaches to managing their pet’s behavior. Whether you’re dealing with barking, separation anxiety, or aggression, The Connected Dog Video series has something to offer.

There Are Resources Available for Dog Training Tips and Information

There is a wealth of dog training tips and information available online. From blogs to YouTube channels to social media accounts, you can find useful information from experts in the field. However, not all resources are created equal, and it’s essential to conduct some research to find reputable sources.

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Susan Garrett is a preeminent dog trainer, and her team Say Yes Dog Training provides educational resources for dog owners. The team offers a range of courses, webinars, and coaching sessions aimed at helping dog owners to understand their pet’s behavior and train them in a positive way.

Susan Garrett Became Interested in Animal Behavior During Her University Years

Susan Garrett became interested in animal behavior during her university years and went on to become a world-renowned educator of dog trainers. She is known for her playful interactions and relationship-building games which have helped many pet owners to improve their dog’s behavior.

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Dogs That’s Aim is to Help Dog Owners Have the Best Possible Relationship with Their Dogs

Dogs That aims to help dog owners have the best possible relationship with their dogs. The website provides educational resources that are designed to help pet owners to understand their pet’s behavior, communicate with them effectively, and train them in a positive way.


In conclusion, living with dogs can be challenging, but by adopting a different perspective, we can learn valuable lessons from our furry friends. Bob and Buddy’s story is an excellent example of how creating a deep connection with your pet can have a positive impact on their behavior. It’s essential not to give up and keep looking for new approaches in pet training, and adopting an attitude of grace can change the way you view the world and yourself in terms of dog training. Finally, there are many resources available online to help pet owners manage their pet’s behavior, from YouTube channels to social media accounts to websites like Dogs That. Remember that creating a deep connection with your dog is possible and that both you and your furry friend will benefit from it.